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hi to all fellow furs, first of all thanx must go to the confuzz team for their help and support  with my logging on problems. it means a lot that you lot care so much, thank you! HUSKEY WOLF. A NEW FUR from the midlands,     now my first encounter with this fandom would be that episode of C.S.I. MANY YEARS AGO.      I   have been into  what you call anthromorpic animals for many years, the lion king, brother bear,  + many disney movies inc BOLT. IM A  massive bolt fan!  ive also collected plushies, be it giant stuffed dogs to official disney, so in some ways you could say i  have been a furry for many years, but just didnt know it,

due to lack of cash and time i wont be at confuzz this year but hopefuly in 2011.      fursuiters are known for uh,,,,fursuits? i dont own one expect i got a ex- hire one for £50.00. what is the general feeling on this.  hope ill be accepted.! ha ha

i will be attending my first firmeet @ london on the 24th, i dont know   any one and im not sure what to expect? any one going, will you be in ya fursuits?  finally hi to RAFFLE THE DAWG  AND THE AWESOME.....JACKIE DOG,,,OH ALSO is it frosty wolf ha ha ha., thanx for now and see ya soon ;D