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you tube videos: furrie.

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what is everyones fave video on you tube, furrie that is,

mine would be the following: mutiple flips in a suit/ furry rave b4 school starts/anthro raver.

cheers huskey the rabbit wolf.   ;D ;D ;D ;D

anyone going to the l/f party who would vid me so i can get a vid uploaded?
dont know anyone with vid camera

the rabbit is hungrey for stardom! ;D

Stereo Fox:

3 of my fave furry youtube vids

he he / cool
someone has actualy replied to this thread. !

actually my fave fur vid has to be ......

FURRY WAR! feat the scorpians.. wind of change,

a very powerful and moving video....wth awesome pics,,,,

anyway be cool and hope to say hi to ya at the con....
i think your  making your own partial ? hope it goes well. my fur suit could well be the worst in the history of CONFUZZ,,,,,,,,??????????????????    ANUBIS,,,WORSHIP THIS GOD WTH CHOC COOKIES... AND NO BROK WILL NOT BE GETTING A SINGLE COOKIE OFF ME,,,,,,,me very greedy. he he

Stereo Fox:
yep, i'm currently building my own partial suit.

i'll start a thread here with a few photos of it.


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