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thr rave scene

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am new to this scene mainly due to me love of a certain video, CONFUZZLED 08 REMIX, although not really rave!
what i wanna ask isfor some suggestions on the best cds , i have not rally got a clue on the different styles. or artists?

so any suggestions, like scott brown ..roll the track/darwin  and there is a list of fave vids on me u tube channel.

rave on furry freinds ;D

I suppose really it depends on which style you are planning on doing. I much prefer to have a good 80's and 90's selection with more pop styled songs and a few well known ones that get most dancing at parties. Dance and trance music I tend to find all has the same theme and beat too. Although a few of the industrial synth ones I've heard seem to be a variance depending on the band.

thanx mate.
like artists like
scooter.darwin. and hard style/hardcore.
harder the better. 8)

Stereo Fox:
I've recently been getting into.
Furries in a Blender (storm trax, The best the best, Violet Kingdom)
Kitsune (squaredance, Striker)

both very good happy hardcore, nintendocore albums.

the main list of tracks i have on my ipod are,

5pm eternal
angry video game nerd
jetpack cutie
noise channel rocker
magic rock     
taotao bounce

Furries in a Blender-
atmos break   
blender style
what you are inside
never knew    
calls from their loved ones
kung-fu fighter (remix)
storm world
i feel g...a...b...b...e...r...
ticking in my head
into the inferno
hide and seek (wikked remix)
caramelldansen (remix)

this gets me bouncing round the room.

thanx. only problem im in a silly library with no  headphones.....

ME CALM NOW ! he he he he

 ;D ;D// :'( :'( :'( :'(


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