Author Topic: Fursuit Lounge what can be done to make things better - Suggestions?  (Read 2953 times)

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Ok, Tissues for those who have foam heads and other foam parts.
and other things to help certain materials keep dry or for dying them.
make the Fursuit Lounge bigger yes for next year wow!, you organisers
have really pushed the boat out on the Fursuit Lounge so that's done.
big foxy huggles to all
* I don't know when i'll be able to go2 CF again debt rears it's ugly head until then hugs and peace to all *
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There actually were tissues provided in the room there were over 100 left at the end of the con which we left for the YHA to use so this was avalible.

We couldnt provide more drying or cooling devices in there for the simple reason that we had 3 fans going and a head dryer and a fan for a head dryer (sorry we couldnt fit the other head drying tree in the van) but we were pushing the ring mains in that room as it was. The few times the Aircon made it in there really took those few plugs up to the amount health and safety would like us using. Plus when all 5 fan systems were going it did sound like you had your head in a jet engine. Really the cooling drying if anything was overkill for the room!

We couldnt make the room bigger as our budget diddnt cover building the YHA a new extension ;) Next years lounge will be bigger however we will have more attending too.  In fairness fursuiyt lounges are never of epic proportions.
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With regards to what Lev said about room sizes, we had roughly 1/3 the amount of space that the room at FC has, and I don't think we had anywhere near 1/3 the amount of suiters in that room at one time as what I've seen at FC. From what I saw, the only time when the room was stretched to capacity and beyond was after the Fursuit Parade on the Sunday afternoon, when Tigertom was kind enough to allow 'suiters to spill over into the photoshoot room. TBH, the real space issue was caused by the amount of suits that were left lying around by the owners all over the place. I'm going to suggest at the next staff meeting that we have some sort of hanging space (much like the racks at EF) if possible, so that floor and seating space isn't taken up with unused suits. Also, the rooms will be larger per person next year, so more people will be able to store and dry suits in their own room.

I'd suggest for next year that we have a gopher or two on hand at times during the day (and in the evening) to help keep the room tidy, and water/refreshments topped up.

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I have only positive things to say about the fursuit lounge and thank you to TigerTom for allowing us to overflow into the photoshoot room after the fursuit parade. My thanks to the staff who provided all the facilities available in the fursuit lounge :3


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Next year we'll have a drying area and a seperate storage area :)

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So looks like next year I'll not only be running the fursuit lounge but also using it. Will have my suit by then  ;D ;D ;D