Author Topic: Need to find UltraViolet for Replacement my Print was Destroyed by my Dog  (Read 2231 times)

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Dear Sir,
i'm looking to find UltraViolet or the person who sold me the art "joicey" #2-25, i wish to
if possible to buy a replacement, it was the one with the red and white male
equines, as my dog has destroyed the print  :(  and i need to get a replacement, please
feel free to contact me via my mobile no. on my website if required, it's under
the furmeet link, or just e-mail me, i was going to frame it as it was the first piece of
artwork i've ever brought. i just hope you can help me.

yours hopefully
feera fox
PS: thank you for taking the time to read this post
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yeh i now its old thread but still

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Probably not the best idea to suggest that sort of thing. People get very attached to their pets even when they do cause small problems like chewing things up. For this sort of thread it's best not to bring them back unless there is something that you want to add that will help.
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