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im keepin this simple and two the point

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are there any shapeshifters or therians or sHAMENS coming to confuzzled ?  this is not a joke  as im really intrested in the above   or meeting others with these abilities,

There are a few therians that will be at ConFuzzled (such as myself).  Probably the best thing is to come to the spirituality event.

myself im mad about wolves and have felt a strong connection to werewolves ! but whether im a therian myself. its a question i could not really answer yet?
i hope to come to the above event, thanx :)

I'll also be attending the Spiritual event as that is pretty much what Furry is to me, I'm a Therian just to clarify.

yeah im intested in hopefully speaking to others and learning a bit more... so i can work out whether im one too!

see you at the con!     for the record ive had an intrest in wolves for a while! at present im trying everything i can to urrrrr   turn.....he he

and yeah at the last full moon me was on the hill ummmmmmmmmmmm HOWLING   in paws n wolf mask and doing things ?????????????????????

you dont need to tell  im HOWLING MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its a shame i cant wear me wolf stuff at the con,,,but it aint up to con standard ?????????????????
 ??? ??? :( ;D ;D ;D :P     


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