Author Topic: ConFuzzled 2011 Registration Closing Date and Roomsharing  (Read 2374 times)

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In our previous announcement regarding the hotel takeover we said that residential registration would close on 31st March 2011. We would like to remind all potential attendees that this date is rapidly approaching. Any registrations which are still unpaid on April 7th will be cancelled.

For those of you already registered, please note that we will also not be able to take any further bookings for early arrival or late departure after this time. We are required to confirm room allocations to the hotel at this time, therefore we cannot accept any changes to your room type or the duration of your stay after 31st March. Any changes which require payment must be paid for before April 7th, or they will be removed from your registration.

March 31st is also the final date for arranging room shares, after this time it will not be possible to make any changes to your room sharing arrangements.  Please remember that if you are in a room that can accommodate multiple people and you do not select someone to share your room with, then we will allocate someone at random to take the remaining space(s). For example, if you have selected a triple room but only have one other room mate selected, you will have a third person assigned to take the remaining space. You can invite people to share your room by logging into your registration and looking at the Room Share section.

We must also remind you that anyone who wishes to stay in the hotel overnight must have either a residential or sponsor ticket. Ghosting of rooms (i.e. staying with a friend in their booked hotel room without having a residential ticket) is not permitted, and anyone caught doing so may be removed from the premises.

In summary, the last date when you will be able to book a room in the hotel or arrange your room sharing is March 31st and you must have paid before April 7th. After this date we will only be able to accept bookings for Attending Only tickets, until April 29th when we will close registration completely (all unpaid registrations by the 29th of April will be cancelled).

If you have any queries, please contact as soon as possible.
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