Author Topic: New ConFuzzled 2012 website with convention dates, prices and venue information  (Read 3004 times)

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Hi all!

We've been working hard since the end of the last convention and we're now ready to tell you all about what we've got in store for you. However, there is one massive change: We're moving!

With 499 attendees in 2011, we reached maximum attendance at the Britannia Country House Hotel and we sadly must say goodbye to it and to Manchester. But fear not, our love of stars has made us seek out a larger, better, stronger, faster venue with four whole stars and brought to you live in high definition.

Our glorious new venue is the Barceló Hinckley Island Hotel in Leicestershire, and we're so chuffed with it, we've put together a little video to show you what's been making all the staff at ConFuzzled so excited for the past two months.

Go take a peek at our new home here:
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It's a nice site! The header is needlessly tall, but once you scroll down to the content it's very informative. 3D view of the dealer's den was a nice touch.
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that looks awesome pawsome, was undecided wether to go, till i saw the guest of honour list, deffo going just to meet mangusu