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Creativity event
« on: August 15, 2011, 16:47:59 »
Last year at Confuzzled we held a small creativity event to write a short story. The outline was written in a stage direction format before being translated into a short story. The slight problem being that if it's included for the next convention's conbook it will be out of date on the theme.

There was a possibility of it being performed last year too, but there was just not enough free time to be able to do it. Hopefully, by getting in the idea early we would fit it in and find a time for a stage performance of it. Be it on the main stage or in one of the secondary event rooms with a smaller audience.

So the rough outline:

*Create short story based on current theme.
*Write into stage direction format.
*Perform using volunteer fursuiters and any guests we can rope in to perform parts.

I would suggest about an hour for the writing part with the aim of being done in 45mins, but the extra for a little overflow time. Writing up would be done outside of the main event schedule as it's simply a typing exercise. Might need some help with this as I don't generally write stage directions and such, more just text. Being as we would have little in the way of preperation time, about half an hour or so to run through things and fifteen minutes to perform.
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