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Registration opens on Thursday 15th September

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Matt the Lion:
It's time to dust off that tuxedo, time to get that Marilyn Monroe costume freshened up, find that golden statue behind the sofa. Get ready for glitz and glamour - because ConFuzzled 2012 will be opening its doors to you very soon!

We are delighted to announce that we're rolling the red carpet out and opening registration at 2000 BST on Thursday 15th September!

As this time approaches, keep a close eye on our Twitter account (@cfconvention), website ( ) and the ConFuzzled forum where we will post the link to our registration system once registration opens.

Please take some time before registration opens to review the pricing and options available for ConFuzzled 2012 on our website.

Dealers - registration for the Dealers' Den will open at the same time as main registration. So if you would like to be in our Dealers' Den, remember to register early because when we run out of space, we won't be able to accept any more Dealers!
To register just click on the 'Dealers Den' box under 'options and extras' and fill out the form.

Should you have any questions about registering, please contact the Registration Team by emailing For Dealers' Den questions, please contact the Commerce team by emailing

But that's not all...

It is also our pleasure to inform you that, thanks to a very kind donation made by DH Winterwolf, the grand total raised by ConFuzzled attendees for the International Otter Survival Fund has reached £10,000! We can't even imagine how many feesh that'll buy those lucky otters. It's thanks to you that we've managed to raise so much money for our charity, and the fact we've hit the five-digit mark speaks volumes about your generosity. You've set yourselves a very high bar in 2011 - what will you achieve in 2012?

It's not too late to donate to the otters though! Should you also wish to make a donation, please head to their website at where you can make a donation directly to the IOSF. If you'd like to, mention that you were a ConFuzzled 2011 attendee!

Does that include for the hotel?  :)

The Dark Knight:

--- Quote from: baccala30 on September 10, 2011, 20:41:43 ---Does that include for the hotel?  :)

--- End quote ---

CF has an all-inclusive ticketing scheme. The price of the con includes the hotel reg and fees. :)

The reg pages lists the deluxe option as being for double rooms only, to clarify - does this mean you cannot have a twin deluxe?

James The Dog:
According to the hotel's website, they only have one type of twin room, which it actually says is executive:


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