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« on: November 14, 2011, 08:48:34 »
I didnt know where to put this so plz feel free to move it if its in he wrong place?
But i was wondering about parking onsite for the hotel the event is at next year? i know on sites it states that there is parking but i was wondering if charges applyed to the car park and if so how much is it..........    it looks like its cheeper for me to drive to the event but if the car parking charges are alot then it will be cheeper for all 4 of us traveling to go by train.

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Re: Parking.
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2011, 09:18:13 »

There is ample parking for you at the venue as they boast around 600 park parking spaces. Although it is a controlled car park through gates it is free for hotel guests. Hope this answers your question.
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Re: Parking.
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2011, 17:58:13 »
yay thank you for clearing that up........... look like it will be driving for us then.