Author Topic: Laser Engraving in the Dealers Den Again this year.  (Read 2246 times)

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Laser Engraving in the Dealers Den Again this year.
« on: March 02, 2012, 23:04:32 »
Hey all. Jencen here from Funlaser.

Once again i'll be making an appearance at CF with my giant "laser" Bringing you all the shiny goodies you want/need ^_~

This year I'll be doing some themed LED badges based around filmstrips, Acrylic clapperboards that can be customised however you like. Want to play director? heres your chance to clap that board and shout 'CUT' Will also have mini badge versions of those.
Will also be doing holywood style door stars. Get your name engraved on a gold star for your hotel door.

As it's the conventions 5th year. And because the material for a 5th anniversary is wood I'm gonna have a few things to fit that theme.
Wooden dogtags will make an apperance.
Am also goint to bring along some wooden clothes pegs. Yes PEGS! Get your name engraved on a Peg for £2 and use it as a makeshift name badge, Clip it to your suit ear... Or someone elses suit ear for that matter ^_^

We Will be supplying the attendee tags again for this year. Those acrylic dogtags you got last year? Those were done by me. And once again I'll be engraving names on the back for just £1 Also, this year they'll be made of wood ;)

As CF is only 12 weeks away and I kinda need to sort cashflow beforehand I'm going to be opening up for pre-orders on SUNDAY the 11th of MARCH. That's next weekend peeps.
As previous years have been a scene of marginally organised chaos this year will be running a slot system. All badges, Tags and name engraving will be LIMITED. Best idea is to preorder before the con then you will be guaranteed to get the item/s you want. You can preorder from the shop

Would also appreciate people passing the word around. So the person who get's the most people to preorder from me will get a large filmstrip badge for FREE. Yes FREE. So get posting/Tweeting/Facebooking or whatever. Make sure to get them to tell me who referred you and the person with the most referrals when I close Preorders just before CF will WIN.
The small print stuff. Only open to people who are attending the convention. Prize to be awarded AT the convention. No monitary alternative will be offered.

More info will be posted on the website on sunday along with the CF info pages So come check us out at

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Re: Laser Engraving in the Dealers Den Again this year.
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2012, 21:32:01 »
I must say I'm really looking forward to seeing all your laser work around the con this year! The clap boards will be fun to play with ;D