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« on: April 22, 2012, 16:30:30 »
Hey all.

As Some of you know I've been asked to do the sponsor glasses this year.

For those who don't know
Now you do ^_~

In the 4 weeks I have left 3 of them will be taken doing those.

CF Preorders will cut off on MONDAY the 14th of May to be done in time for CF.

I am also considering doing Preorders for engraving of names on the glasses beforehand. To do so i need to know who would be interested so Me and Tungro of CF Registration can work out a system to efficiently deal the glasses out.

If you would like to preorder a glass with your name on  and you are a sponsor please let me know here.
Name engraving is £7.50 and you can either have it on the rear of the directors chair or in the center by Brok's foot. This price is for PRE-ORDERS ONLY! Price at the con will be £12.50. So let me know if you are interested then IF/WHEN it goes ahead i will contact you to get your details ^__^

Spread the word people.

Here's a few pics. The design is done by the awesome EosFoxx


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