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£12 ANYTHING GOES Commissions
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:12:38 »
Well I did say, as soon as I finish the roo pic I will open for these.
I FREAKING LOVE Medieval stuff so I'm very happy to be taking these on


- You must be going to CF 2013
- It must be Medieval themed, I am a History geek, so don't try getting around me with incorrect facts.
- Cash at event payments will ONLY be an option a month in advance of the Con.
- Bank Transfers option is only available to UKFurs
- This offer will stay open until the week before CF.
- I will not print digital commissions.
- Marker and sketch commissions can be collected from me in person at a furmeet or at my table in the Dealer's Den.
- £2 will be charged per extra character in a drawing.
-Backgrounds will only be charged £3 for digital art. Backgrounds are free for marker pen and sketch work.
-Adult themes are allowed and not charged extra

So what is on offer?
£12 for anything goes, covers:
- at least 2 Marker pen Shield Conbadges
- A full marker pic of one character. Background optional (and free) http://www.furaffini...t/view/8818693/
- Digital drawing of single character (background extra, see above) http://www.furaffini...t/view/8756360/
- At least 3 pencil sketches of your choice

Ref sheets are NOT included in this offer

Paypal Payment preferred. Please PM me either here, UKFur, FA or Inkbunny (FA and UKFur are the best places to catch me)
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My FA Gallery :3 Please look here for Commission info