Author Topic: entering of fur suit items in auction  (Read 2243 times)

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entering of fur suit items in auction
« on: May 23, 2012, 16:51:19 »
just a general quiry realy is it aloud/ possible to enter  fur suit items in the auctions
 i have a pair of fingerless black furred gloves with matching removable cuffs
and large multi colored fox tail
i am interested in perhaps entering into the auction was  wondering if i was aloud to enter them if so is there a cost or certain procedure i am to follow to enter them?

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Re: entering of fur suit items in auction
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2012, 17:15:51 »
Hi Camille,
Fursuit items are allowed in to the auction. Just bring them along to the art show on Friday and the art show staff will help you fill out the relevant forms.