Author Topic: Looking for a Room or Roommates  (Read 1606 times)

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Looking for a Room or Roommates
« on: March 21, 2013, 14:15:13 »
Hello there,

I am looking for a room to share for Confuzzled, if anyone has any space. I would prefer to be in the main hotel, but I will take what I can get. If no one has room space, then I may consider getting a room of my own at the overflow hotel, but would consider taking in a roommate to keep costs down. I also don't mind sleeping on the floor if bed space isn't available

About me:

I am a United States citizen, but am currently residing in Spain. I have never attended a con outside of North America, so I am looking forward to meeting some European furs. I am a 26 year old single male. I am a non-smoker, and would prefer the same. I do drink, and certainly hope to do so at this convention as well, though I am not a destructive drunk. It seems a bit odd to have to mention it, but I also have socially acceptable levels of hygiene (daily showers, regular teeth brushing, etc.) and I would prefer equally clean roommates.

I do have a fursuit. It's a homemade thing of moderate esthetic appeal and I do my best to keep it smelling pleasant, but don't wear it too often. I can keep it, and my other belongings, arranged neatly in the room, so don't worry about a sprawling mess.

I'm generally an amiable guy and pretty outgoing. Please feel free to contact me to get to know me a little better. I do not have an FA account, so e-mail typically works best: srice.n.such (at) gmail (dot) com.

I do speak what little French I can remember from school, and am still learning Spanish, but that is about the limit of my foreign language knowledge. I would happily consider a non-native English-speaker, but I am not likely to be a good translator/interpreter.

I look forward to hearing from someone, and am excited to be attending the convention!
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Re: Looking for a Room or Roommates
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2013, 05:46:02 »
Hi Srice, welcome aboard the good ship ConFuzzled! :)

If you haven't already registered, I'm afraid the main hotel is completely sold out, although we do still have spaces in our overflow hotel ^^ go to for more information.

Other than that, relax, have a nose about, enjoy yourself :D hope to see you there!

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Re: Looking for a Room or Roommates
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2013, 16:04:25 »
Hi, I will maybe have something, if it's what you looking for...