Author Topic: Video Game Tournaments and DDR  (Read 1459 times)

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Video Game Tournaments and DDR
« on: June 04, 2013, 15:50:21 »
First thing I want to do is praise Crome for his efforts in these events! I didn't attend the Soul Calibur or Halo tournies but the fursuit DDR and Super Smash Bros Brawl were a lot of fun.

Loved it! Great atmosphere, very fun and competitive. I particularly liked the fact that even if you lost 1 or even multiple rounds, you were still allowed to play in the losing branch of the league, and still potentially able to win, was a very good idea. Given the interest doubled the tournament from a 16 man to a 32 man competition, eliminating half the field in round 1 would've been far too harsh, so well done for that.
Having 2 consoles running simultaneously was also a very good idea. However I found 1 issue with this: they were too close together. At the start of the tournament, everyone else was asked to leave the room for the tournament, yet both the consoles were by the door, as was the registration desk, thus creating a huuuuuge crowding effect. My advice for next year in the new venue if it were to occur again would be to spread the 2 consoles apart slightly. Thats my only negative comment to give for this part! You did a great job otherwise ^^ (we'll ignore the BSOD and projector turning off at the beginning :P)

Fursuit DDR:
Doing the seeding event at the start was a good idea, but it did leave a lot of us waiting around for a long while very stuffy in our suits. It was very optimistic to complete the event in the hour that was given to us, as i know the advanced DDR started late.
Also, a lot of competitors started disappearing half way through. Given how long the tournament was taking, and how hot and stuffy suits are, I can understand that happening, but maybe make a point of asking the competitors to TELL YOU they are dropping out. It's polite and makes life easier on Crome and the rest of us.
*snuzzles* =3