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Dealers Den
« on: June 05, 2013, 10:44:26 »
Apologies if this was discussed at the Feedback Session but I couldn't make it due to feeling a bit con-cruddy.

Only 2 days dealing felt rather short. Yes, I know money is finite and the 2nd day was slower ( for me anyway) but it would be nice to have an extra day so you could tweak your prices/commissions to suit what was popular.

It was my first time in a den and I had bought way too many prints to sell; no one was interested or they seemed scared to open up the folder I had ._.; . If I had had an extra day I would have moved them aside and opened up more on the day sketches.

Even if it were just a half day ( say, 10 - 1 ) then people would be maybe a little more anxious about buying things before they missed out.

Also, ponies. Those pesky ponies.

I had bought a doll in for my silent auction of a custom painted mlp. When asked, the problem seemed to be that I hadn't made the doll ( it was a vintage fake, non Hasbro). Yet I saw people selling painted boxes and incense burners, which I'm sure they didn't make.

There was another thing, pony related, that irked me. Another seller had licensed toys for sale. When I asked, they had said they'd shown con staff the invoices for them. That's fair enough but it felt weird that most people sold hand crafted things, yet there were two stalls selling new and second hand products you could get from a normal shop.