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Re: Fursuit Lounge
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2013, 21:01:45 »
Can I please put in a vote *NOT* to have a guard on the front door, especially if they're checking badges?

On a few occasions (mainly photoshoots) I went out in suit without my fursuit badges (but I did have my attendee badge -- under my bandana out of view). If you're going to have security checking fursuit badges, you're going down the path of making the fursuit badges compulsory... I prefer them to be a cute little optional extra.

If you put the text "Fursuiter" on the attendee badge, that's fair enough, but there'd be nothing stopping someone from ticking that box in registration and getting one of those badges -- unless you requested photos of the suit, which they may not have (the suit might be under construction, for pickup at CFZ, being repaired...)

Add handlers/assistants into the mix and things get really hairy... :-/

On the subject of photos - I'm aware of one which was taken in the main Fursuit Lounge showing a fully-suited fursuiter hugging (?) one of the fans. This I have no problem with, they were the only people in the room at the time as far as I can tell and it appears to be a staged shot. The photographers I saw around the 'con this year have been very respectful and professional.