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Registration Open Now!
« on: October 29, 2013, 16:45:01 »
Important Registration News!

Registration Now Open!
Registration is now open! Please go to to start a new registration for ConFuzzled 2014! It's also the place to go to make changes to your registration later!

Rooms sold out?
Some of you may be noticing certain room types sold out already! Fear not! The beauty of our bigger new venue is that we can now simply expand our room block with the hotel! So, the absolute best thing to do is to go ahead and register for your preferred room type, and once we've done the expansion (soon!) you'll be allocated a space! You won't need to pay until your room space allocation happens!

Answering your questions!

A few questions that are cropping up:
  • "How do I setup my room share?" Easy. Once you've both paid up, log back into the registration system - you can then set up your room share![/*]
  • "Can I add early arrival or late departure later?" Yes - subject to availability[/*]
  • "Can I upgrade to Plus or Sponsor later?" Yes! Just log in to the registration system and add those options![/*]
  • "I'm having trouble with the credit or debit card payment". So are we! We're in touch with the provider and should get this sorted soon![/*]
  • "I'm 17 now, but will be 18 in time for CF - but the registration system is not accepting my date of birth!" - Please email if you have problems with the registration system.[/*]
  • "Do I need to reserve parking?" - No, The Hilton alone has 600 parking spaces, and the surrounding NEC area has thousands more![/*]
  • "I've changed my name by Deed Poll, what ID do I need to show?" - If possible, bring updated ID showing your new name. If not, please present old ID in conjunction with the Deed Poll document.[/*]
  • "I don't have any ID, what should I do?" Whilst you don't need ID to register, you MUST present ID when you turn up at the convention! If you are in the UK, and you don't have a passport, drivers license etc, you can instead apply for a PASS card, click here for the list of providers. Outside the UK? Please contact to check what ID we can accept from your country.[/*]
  • "I have another question related to my registration not answered here". Please email - the reg team will help you out as quickly as they can.[/*]
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