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Confuzzled Dining Club
« on: January 17, 2014, 13:00:00 »
I've already posted this up on the UKFur forums, but I thought I should post it here so everyone else can see.

I got rather bored of having the same food day after day at the last CFz. With that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to form a dining club where we vote from a list of restaurants based on certain "themes" for each night of the convention (if the first night includes a BBQ like last time, I might shift the schedule so the last night becomes the extra night).

Here is the list of themes I have chosen:

  • Surf and Turf or English - Any restaurant that specializes in meat or seafood (you might want to sit this one out vegetarians!), or traditional English (UK really, because that is what everybody really means) food. American style diners (burgers, fries, shakes etc.) also fall under this category.
  • Mediterranean - Includes food from Southern Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Asian - Includes food from the Indian Subcontinent and East Asia.
  • Exotic/Second Chance - Any unusual or special restaurants go here, as well as any that don't fit into the previous categories. Alternatively, we go to the second most popular restaurant (of any theme) that has not yet been visited.

I do have a few rules, mostly just common sense:

  • No super-duper posh and/or expensive places! We need restaurants that are reasonably affordable for furs on an average income (so it's OK if a broke student couldn't afford it!). Also, I doubt many of us would be appropriately dressed for such a place!
  • Likewise, no super cheap dives or takeaways! Though if a restaurant is cheap but has a great reputation, by all means post it. Also, we are looking for proper restaurants, not a takeaway with a few seats.
  • No fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC, etc. for the above reason. Casual dining chains like Weatherspoons and Zizzis are allowed though.
  • Nothing that requires booking weeks/months/years/millennia in advance. Places we can reasonably expect to be able to book the same day (or the night before).
  • Nothing that is too far away. A lot of us will have events to attend in the evening, so we don't want to take too much time travelling to the restaurant. I would recommend nothing that takes more than 20 minutes to travel to for any mode of transport.

Getting to the restaurants will probably be cheapest if we share a large taxi (or multiple taxis if there are enough of us). Most are within 10-15 minutes of the hotel.

Please post your nominations below. Please also include at least one mode of transport, in minutes, for getting to the restaurant. I've used this:
D - Driving (Taxi or Rideshare)
W - Walking
B - Bus
T - Train
Also include a link to the website if possible, and the particular sub-category the restaurant falls into.
This is what I have so far:

Night 1 - Surf and Turf or English:
Beeches Bar & Grill (D:10) - - Grill
Longfellows English Restaurant (D:9) - - English
The Lake at Barston (D:10) - - English
The Malt Shovel (D:12) - - English
The Bull's Head (D:13) - - English
The White Lion (D:12) - - English
Pendigo - (W:13) - English(Crowne Plaza Chain)
The Burgandy Restaurant - (D:6,W:30) - English(Arden Hotel Chain)
Wetherspoons Atrium/Piazza (W:10/W:10) - - English(Chain)
Loch Fyne (D:10) - Seafood/Grill(Chain)
The Little Owl - (D:5,W:25) - http://www.vintagein...owlsolihullnec/ - English(Chain)
The Quicken Tree - (D:13) - http://www.heartofen.../quicken_tree/1 - English
Night 2 - Mediterranean:
Zorbas (D:16) - - Greek
La Nonna (D:9) - - Italian
Pavarotti (D:12) - - Italian
LA CCa Restaurant & Bar (D:15) - - Spanish
Zizzi - (D:12) - - Italian(Chain)
Luna Rosa - (D:10) - Spanish/Italian
Janito - (D:11) - Mediterranean
Bella Venezia (D:10) - - Italian
BADER Restaurant (D:12) - Lebanese
Night 3 - Asian:
B26 Food of India (D:11) - - Indian
Jilabi Indian Restaurant (D:11) - - Indian
Shabar Balti Restaurant (D:9) - - Indian
The Agrabad Restaurant (D:10) - - Indian
Elloa (D:10) - - Indian
Knowle Brasserie (D:10) - - Indian
Everbright Chinese and Thai (D:10) - - Chinese/Thai
Mint (D:15) - - Indian/Bangladeshi
Thai Village (D:10) - <No Website> - Thai
Night 4 - Exotic/Second Chance:
Restaurant with largest number of votes still not visited.

If you have an feedback for my idea, please mention it. I am open to making changes.
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Re: Confuzzled Dining Club
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2014, 19:41:26 »
Sounds like an interesting idea. I'd back it.