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Just to lay to rest a few rumours that have come to my attention this weekend, I can confirm that there *WILL* be a Motorfurs event at CFz 2014. It will be held on Saturday, May 24th, between 13:00 and 15:00.

There is no requirement to leave the car park through the exit barriers, so there should be no concern about the exit charge.


Please see the attached .pdf for details of the Motorfurs meet. You may move your vehicle to the designated area from 12:00 only, if you turn up before this time you will be turned away.

The barrier to the parking area will be operated by CFz staff and you will be directed to a parking space. Please keep vehicle movements to an absolute minimum once you are parked.

We will attempt to cater for space for everyone who brings their vehicle, however this is our first year using this venue and this space, therefore we don't actually know how many vehicles we can fit, so please be patient and bear with us while we arrange vehicles & accept our advance apologies if we need to limit numbers. 

The area must be vacated by 16:00 at the very latest.

TL:DR - document shows you where the staff car park area is in relation to the hotel, so it's now your fault if you don't read it & end up leaving the car park & getting charged :P

Awesome :)



Just to reassure people who are worried about the parking charge at the hotel this year, the Motorfurs Meet is being held in a set-aside area of the hotel staff car park.

This area can be reached without having to leave the main car park, therefore no entry/exit charges will be incurred if you are bringing your car to the Meet.

Space *will* be limited this year however. More details on timings to follow.

Glad to hear it's still going ahead, was a bit concerned the parking fee would kill it by encouraging people to get public transport instead (the horror!)   

Sadly i'm planning on selling the Exige in the next few weeks, so probably won't have acquired anything interesting to replace it by the time CFz comes around.  Will still come along for a nosey at everything else though :)


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