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Important dates & Day-ticket news!
« on: March 13, 2014, 22:37:40 »
Here are some important dates that you should be aware of:

  • Mon 21 April 10pm BST - Residential Registration will close. At this point, it will no longer be possible to register for ConFuzzled for a residential ticket. It will also not be possible to change your room type.

    Wed 30 April 10pm BST - Roomsharing will be locked down. After this point in time, it will not be able to create new roomshares, cancel existing roomshares, or make any changes to them.

    Fri 16 May 10pm BST - Registration closes completely. After this point, it will not be able to register for the convention. All types of ticket will be unavailable. It will also not be possible to make ANY changes to your registration. Remember that you cannot buy a ticket on the day - you must register in advance!

Also, we’re pleased to announce that day tickets will become available to purchase at the start of April! This ticket costs £30 per day and you can purchase this by registering for the convention for a non-residential membership, and emailing to ask us to change it to the day ticket for the appropriate days you wish to attend. We will then update your registration.

Remember that day tickets will only be available until Friday the 16th of May as above, and you cannot buy day tickets or any other tickets at the convention itself!

We are also running out of some room types, so here’s an update!

  • We are operating a waiting list for Standard Double rooms. The list is getting quite long, so if you haven’t requested one yet, you’ll be unlikely to receive one.

    We have been allocated more Standard Twin rooms for the early arrival night. This means we have lots of Standard Twin rooms available for the whole period!

    We are still able to request Executive rooms and suites from the hotel! So if you’d like to upgrade, please email and we’ll be happy to request this from the hotel.

    We still have lots of single rooms left, after our single room allocation was increased recently thanks to the strong negotiating position we were in.

Remember that if you do want to change rooms, you must do so before the 21st of April as that’s when residential registration closes!
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