Author Topic: Looking for roomshare  (Read 1622 times)

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Looking for roomshare
« on: March 01, 2014, 02:03:37 »
Travelling up from deepest darkest sussex (probably by bike)

Okay, guys & gals, here's a bit about me.

Twin room - no extra dates (unless you're good looking)  - okay, I'm shallow and peurile  :P
Gender - Male
Orientation - Still subject to debate, but probably Bi
Late 40's
Drinker - Yes Please!
Room Parties - Yes Please!
Tea - Yes (Might be bringing some speciality teas with me, if I remember)
Snoring - some people have rather unkindly inferred that I do, but it has never kept me awake  ;D

Been to Confuzzled a couple of times before, but on each occasion sharing with people who were even more quiet than me  :o

Not worried if you're a party animal or want to host room parties, orgies etc, that might make things a bit more interesting.   ;)

I'm often to be found on UKFur, and sometimes on SoFurry, but these days usually reading stuff instead of writing it.

Fairly open minded, very little surprises or shocks me these days.
Old enough to accept sweeties and strangers

(Who knows what that could lead to...)

Open to all invitations, whether they be proper, improper, immoral or moral, (I might say yes or might say no, but I won't take offence.  ;) )

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Re: Looking for roomshare
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2014, 16:57:51 »

I am looking for a Roomie on the  dates of 23rd till 27th of may with twinroom.