Author Topic: Games Rooms, and use of Surrey, Norfolk, Dorset and Boardroom.  (Read 1377 times)

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First of all, Confuzzled's staff continue to learn and improve year on year.

Now for the Feedback... Not having a truly dedicated board games room was a (relatively minor) problem. 8/9pm is a little late to wait for a dedicated board games room, and it was practically standard practice to have to clear out some people playing a board game in Norfolk or Dorset so an event could start.

Hopefully there will be more event rooms in use next time. If so, I hope that York and Lancaster could become dedicated Board Games and Video Games rooms.

I'd also probably suggest dropping use of Boardroom all together, because it's awkwardly sized and shaped and not really suitable. Possibly even switching away from using the Dorset/Norfolk/Surrey wing, and to using the London/Cambridge/Oxford partitioned rooms, as they're slightly larger and a lot easier for people to find.