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Dancefloor Feedback
« on: June 22, 2014, 20:54:11 »
First, it was really nice to have the wooden sectional floor this time :) Yay for no carpet burns!
Overall the atmosphere and size are much better than Hinkley. It reminds me more of Suhl if anything, so overall I think it's a great room and a big improvement.

That said...
  • Ending the dances at 2am-3am is really, well, lame. I'm sure there was reasoning behind it, but would it be possible to make the dances longer? I remember dancing until 5am in the past D:
  • As much as I like the diverse DJ list, hoping to maybe even be one in the future, the multiple time slots and limited time for each one, does causes issues. Mostly, because there's no synchronization between DJs. i.e. there are a lot of overlapping genres, common staple genres that went missing, and repeated songs. I'm also quite sure that some genres mentioned in the conbook, weren't always what ended up being played at the set.
  • Someone completely fucked the equalizer at some sets, creating high pitched high frequency screeches out of songs. I know you want to have fun, but there's no reason to kill us. Didn't such things happened back at 2012 and were gone at 2013? Why repeat? Be consistent. Also, sometimes gain was missing, and the sound wasn't even powerful enough to fill the room. Even during the fursuit dance competition the sound presence was insufficient.

Hope you'd keep improving!

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Re: Dancefloor Feedback
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2014, 16:21:33 »
I'm not sure when you are referring to, but I didn't hear any high pitched noises that were not part of songs at any time I was in there.

Also, the entire set of dances is designed to cater for as many tastes and styles as can be reasonably fitted into a schedule, if there is a particular genre or DJ that you would like to hear please email in and ask/suggest what it is you would like to hear.

The volume levels are balanced against the need to ensure a decent sound level and not to be excessive to disturb other hotel residents or attendees who don't want excessive levels of sound. In the dance contest as well it's supposed to be music to dance to for the performers, not to distract from the main thing of the actual dancing skills on show.
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