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Nearly forgot...

Any chance of a larger room next year ? It was literally standing room only, with very limited vision for those at the back.

Secondly, a larger room would mean we didn't overload the aircon - that room was getting decidedly hot and, dare I say it, a little "fragrant" towards the end...


Baron the wolf:
surley its hot work being a fursuiter anyway no mater how good the aircon is ur stil gonna be hot wrapped up in fur like that i suggest doing what im doing and adding cooling fans like the ones from a pc but install them in the head running off a small battery pack?

Except this event is mostly attended by people out of suit.
But I'm sure out events team will take this into consideration for next year.

(Which doesn't mean I'm saying it will be done, I'm not in events so I can't make any promises).


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