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Hi Everyone,

as always, planning is well underway for ConFuzzled 2015 already, and this year there may well be the opportunity to reintroduce the Party Suites, that were so well loved and adopted at previous ConFuzzled's.  However, before considering contracting these in, I would like to just gather a little feedback from people to ascertain if it would be a good option to consider.

If you would seriously be interested in a Party Suite, have had a one in the past, or would consider having one, please can you take a moment of your time to complete the following survey:

Thank you very much for your time!

Kind Regards,

Venue Manager

We very much enjoyed hosting a room party at the Hinkley, and would very much like to do so at the Hilton. I've left you some feedback on the form.

What would be helpful is if we could get a floor plan for a typical king suite.
I notice from the pics on the hotel site that the Junior has no door between the bedroom and living room, is this the case for the king as well as it would change how we host (we usually have a dark chillout space in the bedroom and music in the lounge area)?

For the benefit of anyone who landed here having searched Google for " party suite" or words to that effect (like I did last night), the information you want is here:

Scroll to the bottom of that page, and start reading from the "Party Suites" heading :)

Get to know more.

Are all the Party Suites taken now, or are any remaining?


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