Author Topic: 2014 Confuzzled Photoshoot pictures are done  (Read 3339 times)

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2014 Confuzzled Photoshoot pictures are done
« on: July 11, 2014, 17:52:52 »
Good news, the Confuzzled Photoshoot pictures are done!

First things first though, there are a number of people to thank for all their help with the photoshoot.
First is whole the photo team we have here at Confuzzled, EZWolf, Jason and Kwisa. With out these guys there would be no photoshoot at Confuzzled! These guys help and do everything from the theme down to setting it all up and tare down again, plus this was Jason's first year as photo deputy ^.^ 
Next there is the Confuzzled night club crew, CeilFox, Dave and Alec. Its not easy putting up all our crazy request for sharing that room, like the ground fog and being able to source a new bottle of fog juice when we were close to running out. Also there is hotel and when we asked for a bucket of ice for the ground fog machine that eats ice like there is no tomorrow. I was expecting a little bucket but  what turned up was a huge tub of ice which was awesome.

As you know we went with a complex set using nothing less than ground fog and that awesome red rocket in the background! No puns please :P

Hope you all enjoy