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Feedback: this and that.
« on: July 31, 2014, 19:30:23 »
Hebbo! :D
So I figured it couldn't hurt to have another feedback thread. And hopefully get some discussions going.

The good stuff

1.The variety of events this year was brilliant :) for silly reasons I didn't get to go to many but looking at the conbook I could see that there was a focus of variety rather then fursuits like some cons :P I particularly liked the Hypnosis panel, the "X vs Y" panels and game show hosted by Jym. I didn't get to go to the Felines vs Canines panel and I was actually curious if you could maybe host a repeat next year? :)

2. The pawpet show! There was a focus on humor rather then drama this year and I think it worked for the better. I loved picking up all the little Sci-Fi references and all the characters (apart maybe from Jyms transition to Super-Serious) were entertaining ^^ I think the use of pre-recorded footage was a great idea and hope it's here to stay. (I still bust up at the Face of Tavu scene :P) And top praise goes to the opening cinematic, what a pleasent suprise :D Am I the only one that kind of wanted to be tied down by Fl00fy too? >.> just me?

3. The venue: I was a little confused by the venues layout at first but I found after a day it was easy to navigate. The food was top-grade and just what you need after subsiding on snacks foolishly for a day :P The Bar even served my fave brand of cider :D I also loved the venues pool, which I noticed was at one point host to a pooltoy meet. Gonna HAVE to find out how to get in on that :D

The bad stuff
1. The bar staff. Several of my friends and eventually myself found being served food at the bar was a very long wait. I don't know what the reason was so I won't make assumptions

2. Headless fursuiters. I know this is a massive can of worms and I'm not looking to start another argument. But I have heard from several sources in other countries that anti-magic suiters aren't as big a problem in other cons as here. I'm not saying we should strictly enforce it. But some kind of compromise should really be looked into. I understand that escapeisim and role play are not values held by every fur here, but there is a sizeable portion of the fandom that believes in these ideals. Surely we can work something out?

3. The rain.......well, can't blame the weather ponies can we? :P