Author Topic: Registration for 2015 now OPEN!  (Read 2651 times)

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Registration for 2015 now OPEN!
« on: September 04, 2014, 23:18:00 »
Quick! Registration is open now!

Head over to to start your registration!

A few notes to remember.  First, the system works the same as previous years, ie if you are booking residential registration then you are booking for a space in a room (not the whole room itself).  To that end, remember that you will need to select a room sharing partner, otherwise the convention will assign one for you!  The only exception to this is if you choose a single room!

Also, we have multiple payment type options available, but you are expected to pay promptly.  Usually within five days for bank transfers, or a couple of days for credit or debit card payments.

If you have questions, or encounter problems during the registration process, please don't hesitate to email ,where our friendly registration team will try to help you out.  They may be busy as registration has only recently opened, but you should receive an automatic reply to say that your email has been received.

See you soon!
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