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Recruiting for crew positions now!
« on: September 13, 2014, 15:24:50 »
ConFuzzled 2015 Crew Recruitment Application:

ConFuzzled is constantly expanding, and as such we are looking for hard working volunteers to fill our vacant crew positions on various teams. All these roles will help us continue to make ConFuzzled a friendly and enjoyable convention, both for attendees and our staff. Working for the convention is mostly fun and enjoyable, and your commitment doesn’t need to be time intensive. Even if you can only offer a few hours a week, or can only give assistance at the convention itself, we may well have a spot for you.

Please provide as much information as you can on this application form, so that we are in the best place to make an informed decision about those roles within ConFuzzled which are most suited to you. Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team and we'll get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.  Please note that due to the high volume of applications received and the time it takes to review each one, it may take a number of weeks before you hear from us.

Please have a look at the job descriptions for the various open crew slots below, and then fill in the application form:

With regards,

ConFuzzled Exec Team


Art Show: 2 posts

Do you like counting things? Do you enjoy reading numbers, writing numbers and sorting stuff while looking at interesting art? Do you dream of staying in the adult section all night? Then a crew position in the Art Show is for you!

The Art Show currently has a number of Crew vacancies to be filled and the Art Show team are an art-loving team of dedicated people who enjoy their work and working with others to show off the great offerings on offer from the various artists who submit work to the CFz Art Show and Auction.


- Helping out with Art Show Setup and Teardown

- Man the Art show for Art registration

- Manning the Art Showroom on a Rota Basis during the con

- Help during the Live Auction as a Runner

- Assist during Payout and Pick Up after the auction


Communications and Marketing Assistant: 1 Post

ConFuzzled is looking for someone to join the Communications and Marketing department in an assistant crew role,

For those of you interested in this post we’d like you to give us an idea of what you think a Comms Assistant should be able to do for our convention, and then tell us why you meet the criteria.


Convention Operations (ConOps): 3 Posts

Convention Operations (ConOps) supports all events and operations during the convention by providing a number of key services: communications (radio, telephone, Twitter), situational awareness and incident management, customer facing services and problem solving. ConOps is the first point of call for attendees and has a central role in coordinating activities.


- Help with the set up and teardown of the Convention Operations Office

- Spending time on the Con-Ops front desk on a rota basis

- Man the Radio Desk on a rota basis

- Support the duty Con-Ops manager in other ad-hoc tasks


Dealers' Den: 2 posts

The Dealers' Den is a big part of ConFuzzled and one of the busiest departments during the convention. If you would like the chance to work as part of a dynamic crew who love combining fun and hard work, and getting the chance to assist and help the many dealers' who come to CFz every year, then the Dealer's Den may be the department for you.


- Help with the set up and teardown of the Dealers' Den

- Help with registering Dealers' as they arrive

- Man the Convention Merchandise Table and Tills during the con on a Rota basis

- Other ad-hoc duties at the request of the Head of Department and Deputy


Events Department Crew: 3 posts

Events crew are expected to work mainly at the convention, doing;

 - Room Setup and teardown, before and after the con.

 - Panel event setup & teardown at the con

 - Main stage event setup & teardown

 - Looking after ongoing events (board games, video games)

 - Planning, and running some specific events that the convention desires

Additionally there will be some work before the con organising panellist and attendee signups, though this would not be a large proportion of your time. We can timetable work around your time at the convention, and you are not required to do all the above; however we find it's more interesting if you get involved in a number of areas. Be aware we ideally need to cover both early mornings before the first event and late evenings until the last event closes.


Events Department: Pentabarf Developer: 1 post

The events department is looking for someone skilled in Ruby on Rails and database design to aid in the continuing development and implementation of the Events Schedule database system the convention uses to maintain, organise and run the timetable of events for the convention. If you have these skills and are interested in working as part of the CFz events team do please let us know.

Required Skills:

- Ruby on Rails

- Database Design;


- Perl


First Aid Crew: 2 posts

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our attendees we require first aiders to provide assistance where required. As part of this we operate dedicated first aid staff operating on a shift based system of a few hours at a time to be on call to respond as needed. First aid kits will be provided by the convention if required. This post will involve use of a radio to communicate, guidance will be provided if required.

The minimum requirement is Emergency First Aid at Work although First Aid at Work is preferred. Health care professionals are welcome to apply as well to act as second line support and will be required to submit their PIN for verification. It is essential that a certificate of qualification can be presented at the convention. Non UK qualifications which meet the minimum UK requirements will be accepted


Stage Operations Crew: 2 posts

CF Stage needs YOU!

Are you hard working? Dedicated to be part of the solution to delayed events?

Well we are looking for you. ConFuzzled’s Stage Operations department is once again looking for volunteers to help out.

If you have a working knowledge of stages, events organisation, technical etc and are interested in helping out for some or all of our convention in 2015 then please let us know.

We are ideally looking for people with prior knowledge of working in such environments although this is not strictly necessary and training can be given at the start of the con. However we must make it clear that you won't all be operating expensive machines and flashing lights there will also be lots of moving things and heavy lifting.

Please be aware this will require you to make yourself available during the convention at preplanned times. You will be required to carry out any set jobs as needed and report in on time. We do try to arrange the rota however so if there are events you want to attend you will be free to do so as long as you remember to tell us in advance of course.

If you are still interested and not put off by having to miss little bits of the con here and there then please get in contact for more information. If you later decide its not for you please just let us know.


Strike Force: 7 posts

It's that time of year where the ConFuzzled gears grind back into motion & we set about finding more willing victims to feed into the machin....I mean, *volunteers* to help us set up and run the convention!

As a part of the Strike Force, not only do you get a cool "Crew" badge and work with the team with the most awesome sounding name, you get to play a *very* important part in the convention! All the gear and theming that attendees see during the course of the convention isn't there when we arrive, and it's not there when we finally leave - It's the job of the Strike Force to get all that kit off whatever vehicles it turns up in, make sure it gets to the right place, help set it up and then after the convention, tear it all down again, pack it away and make sure it all fits back into whatever turns up to take it away once again.

It's a very physical job - there's lots of kit of various weight and size that needs moving, most of which has wheels but we also have our own wheels to help move it around, although there may still be a small amount of physical lifting and shifting needed.

It's also a very rewarding job - Once everything is in and set up, that's it for you until the closing ceremony! You get to enjoy the convention that you've just made possible. Go mingle with friends, buy artwork, fursuit, do whatever it is you want to do - Just remember that you go back to work once it's all over!

We can't make ConFuzzled happen as successfully as we do without the hard work our Staff, Crew and volunteers put in, so we thank you in advance for considering joining the Strike Force, and making sure ConFuzzled happens for everyone!

Kyyanno - Strike Force Lead


Video Department Crew: 1 post

Role: A/V Tech / Camera Operator

Duration: Entire Con


 - Assisting with camera/audio setup for events + at start/end of con

 - Operating a camera at events + around the con

 - Receiving and reviewing footage captured and copying them to storage

 - Assisting other stage crew


This hands on role can be very demanding but very rewarding. The roles and duties of a video department crew member start at the beginning of the con with the help of setting up the A/V within the stage room and ends with the tear down at the end of the con. When not assisting with setting up and running the equipment at events, crew are encouraged to take a camera and film in other public areas at the convention. The schedules are flexible and we try to accommodate all requests to suit everyone. A portfolio/examples of your existing work would also be a bonus and help to our recruitment process.


- Experience with operating professional grade cameras

- Plenty of stamina

- Responding quickly to directions

- An eye for creatively framing and capturing action

- Good communication and 'people skills'

- Understanding of multi-camera setups a bonus

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