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Xi Cards Events - Confirmed


Noonikinz Moonlight:
Hello one and all.

In light of the success of the Magic: the Gathering booster draft event run by Vulpine at the last ConFuzzled I wanted to see how many people would be interested in learning a new card game called Xi Cards.

Xi Cards
Xi Cards is an upcoming strategic card game with an easy to learn, hard to master rules system. Set in the "World of Xi", Xi cards lets you battle with four factions and two ancient powers to determine the fate of the planet. (Description from the product website.)

The official website can be found here.

Event Details
The event will be taking place on Monday evening, between 20:00 - 00:00. The price to participate in the event is £10.00, with 20% of the proceeds going to this years charity. In exchange for this entry fee participants will receive eight booster packs, each containing nine cards. The top four players will also receive one of the pre-con decks each.

Sub Event 1 - Tutorial and Pre-constructed Deck Play
An ideal place for new players to start, I will give a not too lengthy run down of the game rules and mechanics, with demonstrations to help you learn how to play. Followed by 1v1 games using the games pre-constructed decks to allow you to experience the game for yourself using balanced decks.

Sub Event 2 - Sealed Deck Tournament
Players receive eight sealed packs with which to construct a deck and then compete against other players and their sealed decks in a tournament style format. Good for players that like to challenge themselves to do well with limited resources.

Event Schedule
20:00 – 20:20 Introduction
20:20 – 20:55 Pre-con Deck Testing
20:55 – 21:15 Deck Building
21:15 – 21:50 Round 1
21:50 – 21:55 Intermission
21:55 – 22:30 Round 2
22:30 – 22:35 Intermission
22:35 – 23:10 Round 3
23:10 – 23:15 Intermission
23:15 – 23:50 Round 4
23:50 – 00:00 Event Close

1. Noonikinz Moonlight
2. Morph
3. Prith Attor

Details To Follow
As and when I know more I will update this opening post accordingly.

Noonikinz Moonlight:
Happy to report that this event has been given the go ahead. =^.^=

It has to be said we'd still like to know how much interest there is in this to gauge numbers etc, so if this does interest you please do say!

Noonikinz Moonlight:
Opening post updated, this event is now confirmed and open for participant interest. =^.~=


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