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looking for someone to help with transport


Hi there!

I put a message in the transport section, but as transport has been sorted now friends can officially go to confuzzled, my only problem is having a large amount of things for 2 dealers den tables that just won't fit into a car already shared between 4 people.

Would anyone be able to have some space for my things to be mailed to them in advance of the con and bring the things with them?

it would probably be artshow things as well as some of the larger [but soft] things for my dealers table, so handmade plushies and things.

would appreciate if anyone could offer any assistance :)

If you have trouble finding any help, the hotel can take delivery of stock and have it sent on to the Den.

Do make sure to e-mail dealer's den staff though to walk you through it as you have to make sure you do it right or the items could get bounced back!

Round trip? Enclosed or open trailer?

I transport things for a living.

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I just noticed that you haven't actually said where you need to transport the things from, a general area would be of use.


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