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Roomshare needed
« on: March 04, 2015, 13:16:01 »
Finally got around to registering.

Personal info

Gender:      Male
Age:           50 (yep, a genuine antique   :P )
Room:        Standard Twin
Drink:         Yes Please!  (grown past the getting hammered these days though)
Smoking:    Nope, never gonna happen!
Snorer:       Sadly, yes, but isn't that what earplugs are for?   :P
Fursuiter:    Yes, partial
Arrival:        22nd May
Departure:  26th May

Room parties?  No problem, party on dudes  ;)
Old enough to accept sweeties and strangers

(Who knows what that could lead to...)

Open to all invitations, whether they be proper, improper, immoral or moral, (I might say yes or might say no, but I won't take offence.  ;) )