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Standees for Auction(?)


Since I haven't got much in terms of new designs to put on auction, I would like to submit some gaming standees for the charity auction, just because I want to clear them out, but still raise money for the charity.

I wasn't sure what the policy was, because I have seen standees for Balto being submitted last year, so I wanted to know if it's be okay to submit some?

They aren't explicit or mature, so could fit in with the main auction, but I have a list of the ones I have got.

•Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics
•Skylanders Spyro's Adventure (Spyro and Eruptor) standee
•Skylanders Spyro's Adventure cube
•Skylanders Giants Tree Rex Standee
•Book of Spells cubes (set of six)
•Book of spells standee (with original box)
•World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Standee (semi good condition, a few dog ears)

We'd love to get stuff for the charity :)

Just pre-register them for the art show (see the CFz webpage) and we'll put them in the 100% charity section. Please register them separate and make sure you also upload a picture of each one.
If there are any issues, we'll contact you.

Please also consider what you want to do with them if they don't sell.


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