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The bunniest bun that ever did bun. aka: Hi!
« on: May 23, 2015, 11:55:21 »
Newbie to Confuzzled, but not to the furry business in the UK.

Most know me as "Ari" or 'Ikari's partner' if you know my fursuiting husband Ikari Yalter.

28 year old, New Zealand Red Rabbit from the USA. Living in the UK now for 5 years or so.

Never been to Confuzzled before, because it always fell on or around LondonExpo weekend, but chose Confuzzled this time instead. oYo

Hobbies of mine include but are not limited to:
- Second Life photography and modelling.
- Diablo 3 butt-kicking
- FFXIV shenanigans
- GTA5 stupidity
- working 35+ hour weeks

A few facts about me:
I don't drink or smoke, I enjoy My Little Pony (but I'm not obsessed) I'm rather introverted, but have moments of extroverted goodness. I'm frugal as hell at times.

And that's about it I guess.

I found the forums while boredly sitting in the Lounge at the hotel of Confuzzled 2015 while the chairs around me were being stolen. :P