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Pros and Cons for a tauren/bull };8


So... first time for me to write something in Confuzzled Forum but a feedback topic could be a good start.

Pros :
- As last year, the lunch was really great... My french stomac cannot bear something else than bread, pastries, milk, fruit juices and (Greek) yoghurt };8
- Discount prices... it really helps a lot, thanks !
- As a fursuiter who travels with his fans/ventilated hanger/electrical cooler/..., I nearly never use the fursuit lounge. This year was not different than other years BUT I was really impressive by the Ceilson FurBlade. This one is really powerful and can cool you down so fast. It is truely a win.
- Fursuit fiasco was, as usual, such a happy mess, I love it :p

Cons :
- Fursuit Twister
---> The playmat was all sticky and stinky. Probably because it has not be cleaned correctly last year. If I remember well, fursuit twister has taken place in the same room of the fursuit photoshoot which used a fog machine.
---> The first game was soooo long. I can understand that you have to go until one of the two fursuiters surrenders but... sorry it is not fun at all for most of the fursuiters who are waiting to play. I think games should be last more than 5 minutes when there are only 2 fursuiters on the playmat (add a timer, some silly rules, etc...). This way every fursuiters could enjoy this SIG.

I am still considering this convention as the best one available in Europe (even if it is the most expensive).
This year was my fourth time at Confuzzled and I will be there next year (I hope :p)

*chuckles* Expense is relative, for me EF is far more expensive to attend as is Nordicfuzzcon.

Of course, it depends where you live.
But if you take just the price of the convention + hotel, it is the most expensive in Europe };8

We'll get the Twister mat cleaned up for next year! Sorry about that!


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