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We are pleased to announce that registration will open on Thursday 1st October at 8pm UK time!

Yes, in just under a week we’ll be ready to open for registration! Time to start planning your trip!

As with previous years, our registration system includes hotel booking.  Whilst attending-only tickets are available, we think booking your hotel spot through us represents great value, with a discounted stay compared to regular hotel pricing.  Note that booking your hotel space through us means you get a space in a room, and that if you don’t setup a sharing partner, one will be assigned to you (this does not apply to single rooms of course).  Both you, and your sharing partner need to have selected the same room type – some rooms have limited availability, so book early to avoid disappointment.  You can setup your sharing partner from within our registration system.  They must do the same to complete the sharing setup.

To read more details on the rooms and registration types available, click here to visit our pricing page!  We hope you’ll consider sponsoring, it’s a great way to help the convention.  The extra funding helps us afford better theming, better kit for the facilities we provide to YOU, and helps us afford to put together a bigger, better convention!  You also get some great extra goodies, have a read here!

Note, that ConFuzzled is only open to those who are, or will be 18-years old or over in time for the convention.  There are other rules you should read too.  Please read our FAQ page, Conditions of Sale, Prohibited items, Code-of-Conduct, and Weapons Policy.

Also note that you’ll be able to register for your space in the dealers den during registration.  To read more and review pricing, click here.  Please note some additional rules apply for the dealers den, please ensure you read these too.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, just email, where our team will try to answer your questions.


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