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I haven't seen much in the way of live music performance on the various schedules for CFz in the past - is there just not much of an audience for it? 

There have been performances in the past, it depends on who is attending and if they wish to actually perform. Suggestions and events that you'd want to run are always welcome to be put in for consideration.

Thanks - I've sent an e-mail to the events team to ask about it for 2016.  Just waiting to hear back - hopefully soon, as reg opens Thursday.  :)

Does this mean you and Rhubarb will be at CFz 2016? I really hope so! You two made EF21 much more awesome!

I'll be there - Rhubarb is committed to a show at the Orlando Fringe Festival during the same weekend.  :(

Hopefully this won't make the entire weekend suck.


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