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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself

I am a veteran of about 8 comic cons all at MCM London but this will be my first properly established fur con i cant wait but am nervous too as it will be a new thing for me

My first fursona is called Serpah and is a Jackal the design is my own but my partial was made by Hybrid Studios i have another fursona i adopted called Merlock and hope to have her and Serpah made into full suits one day

since i am known for cosplaying Renji from the anime bleach at comic con hence the user name, people just seem to stick to calling me Renji instead of my real name Andrew

I cant wait to check out Confuzzeled and hopefully come away with some new friends

Welcome aboard :) Real names aren't essential except at registration time. There are people who I have known for years in all of this that I have no idea what their real name is :D

Thank you for the welcome


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