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Looking for someone travelling from USA to UK for Confuzzled


Hey all,

I was wondering whether there might be someone out there that is willing to help me bring a suitcase over to the UK? I know that it's an odd request but the suitcase I am looking for is not sold in the UK >.> and despite several attempts, I'm not willing to pay £200 import duty XD

If anyone is willing to help could you please let me know? I'd be happy for you to use the suitcase on the way over too.

- Clawz Skunk

Just for information for you trying to evade duty on imports is a bit of a no no and Customs don't tend to like it at all.

Matt the Lion:
I'm afraid as SFW points out, avoiding customs duty isn't something we can support I'm afraid, so I'll have to lock this topic.


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