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ConFuzzled 2016 ... coming soon!


Hi guys!

With the convention coming soon, I wanted to take an opportunity to highlight our website, and the latest posts up there.

Specifically, if you go to, you'll find some recent posts on the home page with useful information.  This includes links to the content of some important emails we sent out to all registered attendees.  So, if for some reason you didn't receive these emails, you can find them, and have a look!

Also, take note that many rooms are different to last year.  So, registration is in the Arden suite, the mainstage is in the Kings Suite, and the Dealers den and Art Show are in the rooms that make up the Palace suite.  So, be sure to checkout your conbook and miniguide to help you get around!

If you have questions, please let us know by emailing the right department (contact details can be found here: ) or emailing if you aren't sure.  Alternatively you can reach out to us on twitter using @cfconvention

During the convention, follow @cfzlive for important at-con updates, news and announcements

Look forward to seeing you all soon!


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