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Looking for Roomshare for 2017!




I'm Kyle, 22, Agender Masc-Presenting - Fursuiter/Artist/Writer.

Night Owl, but will be quiet coming in.

Not a party animal generally, but I'm willing to be flexible if you wanna party!


I do snore pretty horribly due to health problems, sorry! D:

I'm very anxious (I have anxiety) so I would really like to chat to my potential roommate over discord/skype/telegram/kik/WHATEVER, and ideally (if possible) meet them beforehand. I live near coventry, though I am willing to travel, and I attend the birmingham furmeets semi-regularly.

Ideally, the thing I want from you:

LGBT+ Friendly
Generally Friendly?
It'd be awesome if you were a Newbie too, but equally it would be awesome if you'd be willing to show me the ropes!
I dunno I just want a roommate who I know at least a little bit. Haha!

~pokes~ give me a shout at the brum meet if ya going this month


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