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Tori Belliachi

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[2008] Furtean Times
« on: July 01, 2008, 00:34:57 »
Now online at, the general write up of the event - most unfortunate that no one who attended actually came though with their promises to report the whole of the event; but I guess that's how things go sometimes.

Enjoy nonetheless. :P
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Re: Furtean Times
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Nice report. When my internet at home comes back, I'll get some semblance of link from the CF LJ :)


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Re: Furtean Times
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Ok Tori you impressed me wiht this one. Previous issues of Furtean times have looke dhalf assed and guff to me (Fuck you interviewed one of the mostboring poeple in the fnadom- my ex), but this one looks great and it's very iformative, if a little short.

It's good to ee that at least one other person declared against the naysayers, I felt like the only person who was so impressed by the con that I literally had nothing to say to them. No justifications nessecary.

I may tune into further issues of this. Looks great. More ocntent thoug, I think, would be nice, ut yu werent there that long :P