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*pounce* Flinty's here!
« on: September 06, 2008, 00:23:46 »
Heya everyone! Flinty's back for another fun packed weekend of furry madness :D

Im 18 (19 in november) male, bi and taken, so if anyone was interested in me, sorry :P lol. im average height, slim and i was told i had awsome t-shirts and cool hair ^^ dont have a fursuit or a tail or anything yet... but my boyfriend is looking into it for me :)

My fursona is a light blue fox with a white belly and black paws and pink pads.

Please say hi ^^ im friendly and cute

oh! Last year i was under the name FLINT... im not this year =P im now FLINTY. this is important... because someone else is attending the con and hes also called FLINT, so this seems to be the only way to tell us apart at the moment XD
*snuzzles* =3