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Discussion / Help out Theming for 2016
« on: June 17, 2015, 19:23:01 »
Hi all!

It's that time of year where Theming requires more warm bodies. This year we require both Crew and Minions.

Minions are the volunteers that help us build/create all the fun pretty objects. They fall under Creative or Constructive.
Creative help us by doodling pretty arts for doors/signs/standees and the like
Constructive help us build things such as the Lit pillar and Banner frame outside nightclub.

Crew get more involved with the running of the department, Doing designs and arranging things, as well as the building and creating of things.

If you wish to join up, please visit one or both of these links ^_^ Just because you want to be one, doesn't mean you can't apply for the other. People unsuccessful at the Crew may be offered a volunteer position ^_^

Crew -

Volunteer -

These will remain open until the end of JULY 2015 ^_^

We would also gratefully accept your feedback on Theming for 2015, Just visit the link below and remember, Be Honest! ^_^ Feel free to suggest things for 2016 there too.

Feedback -

Events / Possible Shield Painting event
« on: October 01, 2012, 01:35:02 »
Heya all. Jencen here. The one with the 'big scary laser'

I am looking into doing an event for this years CF where you buy a bit of blank shield shaped wood, about conbadge size and then spend an hour or so painting it up in various heraldry designs.

Am wondering who would be interested?
Would be looking at £10-12 for the blanks and various paints and stencils alone with me there to "learn" you about some heraldic designs for them ^__^

Am also tempted to do a beginners chainmaille event as an introduction on how to make your own chainmaille armour ^_^
Again. Anyone interested in that sort of thing? ^_^

Dealers Den & Art Auction / LASER ENGRAVING
« on: April 22, 2012, 16:30:30 »
Hey all.

As Some of you know I've been asked to do the sponsor glasses this year.

For those who don't know
Now you do ^_~

In the 4 weeks I have left 3 of them will be taken doing those.

CF Preorders will cut off on MONDAY the 14th of May to be done in time for CF.

I am also considering doing Preorders for engraving of names on the glasses beforehand. To do so i need to know who would be interested so Me and Tungro of CF Registration can work out a system to efficiently deal the glasses out.

If you would like to preorder a glass with your name on  and you are a sponsor please let me know here.
Name engraving is £7.50 and you can either have it on the rear of the directors chair or in the center by Brok's foot. This price is for PRE-ORDERS ONLY! Price at the con will be £12.50. So let me know if you are interested then IF/WHEN it goes ahead i will contact you to get your details ^__^

Spread the word people.

Here's a few pics. The design is done by the awesome EosFoxx

Hey all. Jencen here from Funlaser.

Once again i'll be making an appearance at CF with my giant "laser" Bringing you all the shiny goodies you want/need ^_~

This year I'll be doing some themed LED badges based around filmstrips, Acrylic clapperboards that can be customised however you like. Want to play director? heres your chance to clap that board and shout 'CUT' Will also have mini badge versions of those.
Will also be doing holywood style door stars. Get your name engraved on a gold star for your hotel door.

As it's the conventions 5th year. And because the material for a 5th anniversary is wood I'm gonna have a few things to fit that theme.
Wooden dogtags will make an apperance.
Am also goint to bring along some wooden clothes pegs. Yes PEGS! Get your name engraved on a Peg for £2 and use it as a makeshift name badge, Clip it to your suit ear... Or someone elses suit ear for that matter ^_^

We Will be supplying the attendee tags again for this year. Those acrylic dogtags you got last year? Those were done by me. And once again I'll be engraving names on the back for just £1 Also, this year they'll be made of wood ;)

As CF is only 12 weeks away and I kinda need to sort cashflow beforehand I'm going to be opening up for pre-orders on SUNDAY the 11th of MARCH. That's next weekend peeps.
As previous years have been a scene of marginally organised chaos this year will be running a slot system. All badges, Tags and name engraving will be LIMITED. Best idea is to preorder before the con then you will be guaranteed to get the item/s you want. You can preorder from the shop

Would also appreciate people passing the word around. So the person who get's the most people to preorder from me will get a large filmstrip badge for FREE. Yes FREE. So get posting/Tweeting/Facebooking or whatever. Make sure to get them to tell me who referred you and the person with the most referrals when I close Preorders just before CF will WIN.
The small print stuff. Only open to people who are attending the convention. Prize to be awarded AT the convention. No monitary alternative will be offered.

More info will be posted on the website on sunday along with the CF info pages So come check us out at

Well. as my 1st confuzzled went so well last year i've decided to do another ^_^

Last year saw me aquire a new laser engraver affectionatly named 'Log'

This your me and Log will be in the den lasering the alu badges and with the addition of a filter unit ACRYLIC.
We are also supplying Dogtags to all you CF lot. These will be handed out in your conpacks. Come see us in the den for some special offers with these tags.

Get your name engraved on for £1
Get your artwork engraved for £5
Make it a military set with an extra tag with long and short chain with your text on both for £10
Or just go crazy and get the military set and your choice of text/artwork on both tags for £12.50

Here's a sample of what's going down at the Funlaser Speakeasy.

Badgetags - First brought to you last year.
Anodised aluminium in 10 colours. 98mmx50mm with a slot for hanging off a lanyard. £15 for single sided or £17.50 for double sided with your own artwork engraved onto it.

Dogtags/Pet tags/Collar tags - Coloured aluminium tags on over 30 styles.
£5 single side, £7.50 double sided.


LED Badges and LED Dogtags.
After much development we are proud to bring you shiny sparkly LED badges.
Made from layered acrylic to enclose an LED and battery the clear front can be engraved with a name and an icon sized image.
9 colours to choose from - Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,UV-purple, Pink, White and fading multicolour (£2 extra).

LED Badges - £12.50 for premade designs, £17.50 for custom names/images

LED Dogtags - £10 for custom names/images.

Don Jencen looks forward to welcoming you to the Funlaser family.
See you all in may ^_^

Dealers Forum / Den times.
« on: April 19, 2010, 21:15:31 »
What times will the den be open to dealers on the saturday and sunday? Am thinking of timings so i can possibly get some work done on the laser/setup before people are allowed in.
and do we have to be clear on the sunday or can we leave bits in until the monday morning? Again, thinking of laser and storing it safe overnight.

Dealers Forum / *shywave* Laser Engraving (WARNING! - Image Heavy)
« on: March 16, 2010, 22:08:23 »
Hi all
My name is Jencen and i'll be doing Laser engraving this year with the machine being on site and kicking out some bits.
I thought i'd post a few pics of what i've been up to and see if anyone is interested in pre-ordering stuff as some things are big or expensive to buy alot of.
(Added Wed 17th) PRICES ^_^
These can all be engraved with your own artwork. You supply me a picture and i'll be able to engrave it.(depending on if i manage to upgrade my laser)

Dogtags/pet tags/Collar Tags are £5 for single side £7.50 for double sided.
Clocks are £20 and are 150mm/6 inch across
Photo Albums are £20,£30 and £35 fo small,medium, large respectively
Photo frames are £12 for 4x6 inch photos and £15 for 5x7 inch
Marble Keepsake boxes are £30

Am currently pricing up a load of other bits that my suppliers have just released so will add those as and when.

Just a few of the things i can do. Will be posting more to the website over the next week or so

Click here for more at my website

Introduce Yourself / *shywave*
« on: January 19, 2010, 19:47:05 »
Hey all.
Suppose i'd better introduce myself.
I am Jencen. a Dragon from the Derby.

This will be my first con. have been poked into it by Shirik Draguinea
Generally not very active in the community as i'm quite shy and reclusive. though with gentle proddings (and liberal application of shinies/chocolate) I can be coaxed out of my shell o.o
Am also in the Dealers Den. Again due to the proddings from Shirik.

Shall catch you all at the con and look forward to being scared of all the new people o.o

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