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Off-Topic Furry Discussion / Re: who's excited
« on: April 26, 2011, 19:57:12 »
Oh i'm excited. AND panicking o.o
Wondering what vital bit of kit i'll forget to bring this year >.<

Hmmm... and out of curiosity, just because you happen to  have a tag there that has tone in it, is there any kind of limit on that, 4 or 5 shades and does an image have to be set up to work with it or will any monochromatic pictue work?
ohh and do the dog tags have that same option?

if it's a photo or traditional bit of art then there's no real limit to the range of the greyscale. if it's cell shaded digital however it works best with 3-4 shades.
Colour images are better. there's more useful information in a colour image to help get a nice image for engraving ^__^

ahh Ha. even better.
*goes back to plotting*
So we can get one with the token to say we were there and have it customised to our likeing ^.^
"I survived confuzzled 2011!" sort of thing!

Something like that yeah ^_^

If I'm reading this correctly you do get a dogtag included in the convention pack. To have it engraved will cost you extra at the table in the dealers den where the laser machines will be located. Other items can be bought from them that shine :D

Yup. THat's the plan ^_^
The con tags will already have the CF logo on one side and you can grab your name/art on in trade for shiny pennies ^__^

Anything with laser beams is indeed approved by me. I take it you have plain polished aluminium style tags?

I don't have polished aluminium. just coloured anodised. though i do have a plain anodised which is a grey.

What are the dimentions of the dog tags when it comes to adding artwork to them?
also does the 98 by 50 measurement of the Badge tag incluse the hole at the top for the laniard?
Just want to know so I can avoid putting anything in harms way :P
I can problem bring some things... or email them to someone that will be there so I don't have to worry about a USB stick being xrayed, thrown about in cargo, "lost" (along with the rest of my luggage) before arival or triggering a terror threat alert. Maybe a CD would be better...

Yup that measurement includes that hole.
If you email me the artwork at jamie [at] (remove the fruit ^_^) closer to the con i'll get it processed and ready to run ^_^

Any particular format you need the images in for engraving?
I assume it has to be grey scale as it's an etching.
Can we show up on the day with a usb stick and money? :P

Yup. That's how it all works ^__^
I can take just about any artwork you can throw at me. higher resoloution >300 is better

Well. as my 1st confuzzled went so well last year i've decided to do another ^_^

Last year saw me aquire a new laser engraver affectionatly named 'Log'

This your me and Log will be in the den lasering the alu badges and with the addition of a filter unit ACRYLIC.
We are also supplying Dogtags to all you CF lot. These will be handed out in your conpacks. Come see us in the den for some special offers with these tags.

Get your name engraved on for £1
Get your artwork engraved for £5
Make it a military set with an extra tag with long and short chain with your text on both for £10
Or just go crazy and get the military set and your choice of text/artwork on both tags for £12.50

Here's a sample of what's going down at the Funlaser Speakeasy.

Badgetags - First brought to you last year.
Anodised aluminium in 10 colours. 98mmx50mm with a slot for hanging off a lanyard. £15 for single sided or £17.50 for double sided with your own artwork engraved onto it.

Dogtags/Pet tags/Collar tags - Coloured aluminium tags on over 30 styles.
£5 single side, £7.50 double sided.


LED Badges and LED Dogtags.
After much development we are proud to bring you shiny sparkly LED badges.
Made from layered acrylic to enclose an LED and battery the clear front can be engraved with a name and an icon sized image.
9 colours to choose from - Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,UV-purple, Pink, White and fading multicolour (£2 extra).

LED Badges - £12.50 for premade designs, £17.50 for custom names/images

LED Dogtags - £10 for custom names/images.

Don Jencen looks forward to welcoming you to the Funlaser family.
See you all in may ^_^

Dealers Forum / Den times.
« on: April 19, 2010, 21:15:31 »
What times will the den be open to dealers on the saturday and sunday? Am thinking of timings so i can possibly get some work done on the laser/setup before people are allowed in.
and do we have to be clear on the sunday or can we leave bits in until the monday morning? Again, thinking of laser and storing it safe overnight.

Off-Topic Furry Discussion / Re: Quick Question
« on: April 18, 2010, 20:45:46 »
best bet is photo paper. many placed do it and in a few different types, matt, semi-gloss and glossy.
glossy being nice and shiny the other not.

Some places also do canvas for running through standard printers which gives a nice effect.

Introduce Yourself / Re: *A wild American appears!* (pic heavy)
« on: March 31, 2010, 17:13:52 »
Am not suprised how loud they are.
We used to have a caravan that was sat across the lake from RAF coningsby where Tornados are/were based. Them taking off at full burn were enough to shake the caravan o.o

Also managed to get airside at East Midlands airport to watch Concorde taking off. That was an experience ^_^
Then theres the antonov which visits here. Not the most graceful of creatures that one ^_^

Introduce Yourself / Re: *A wild American appears!* (pic heavy)
« on: March 30, 2010, 19:03:46 »
Hiya and welcome
Thanks for the eyecandy ^_^

I live near derby where Rols royce are based and occasionally drive by their engine test bed side in sinfin.
Would love to get a tour/job round there o.o

It might be a good idea if you want to get some pre orders to give an aproximation of costs for different materials and sizes etc

Thanks. I knew i forgot something ^_^

Dealers Forum / *shywave* Laser Engraving (WARNING! - Image Heavy)
« on: March 16, 2010, 22:08:23 »
Hi all
My name is Jencen and i'll be doing Laser engraving this year with the machine being on site and kicking out some bits.
I thought i'd post a few pics of what i've been up to and see if anyone is interested in pre-ordering stuff as some things are big or expensive to buy alot of.
(Added Wed 17th) PRICES ^_^
These can all be engraved with your own artwork. You supply me a picture and i'll be able to engrave it.(depending on if i manage to upgrade my laser)

Dogtags/pet tags/Collar Tags are £5 for single side £7.50 for double sided.
Clocks are £20 and are 150mm/6 inch across
Photo Albums are £20,£30 and £35 fo small,medium, large respectively
Photo frames are £12 for 4x6 inch photos and £15 for 5x7 inch
Marble Keepsake boxes are £30

Am currently pricing up a load of other bits that my suppliers have just released so will add those as and when.

Just a few of the things i can do. Will be posting more to the website over the next week or so

Click here for more at my website

Off-Topic Non Furry Discussion / Re: Where?
« on: February 16, 2010, 22:13:04 »
May as well get it going again ^_^

Am from derbyshire round about east midlands airport

Introduce Yourself / Re: *shywave*
« on: January 28, 2010, 21:34:35 »
Ah Jencen, you're a chocolate fur after my own style. That was the best part wasn't it? Stupid 'foil' packs now just don't have the same thing to it.

Why they have to change such things i don't know.
Like when cadbury's took the caramel bar from us. Oh how i wept o.o
I don't care that it's back now. still isn't the same
*hides in a corner, muttering to himself*

Oh and the 'secret' bar or suprise.. or whatever it was. chocolate mousse stuff inside a chcolate lattice type thing. they were also nice o.o

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