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Dealer and fursuiter here looking to see if anyone has space and is driving to confuzzled that wouldn't be going too out of the way going through crawley?

I will have a large case, backpack and my dealers den signage in it's own carry case, which is long and thin [think the 7ft tall standing signs]

Can either pay my share of petrol money or offer you first pick of a few things on my dealers den table, up to you!

i don't have early/late, just the normal convention days.

Dealers Den & Art Auction / US attendees! help with books?
« on: March 16, 2015, 20:38:31 »
hi there!

I'm having some books arrive from rabbit valley that I did some illustrations and comics for, I was wondering if any US attendees might have space to bring them over to save them possibly not arriving from america in time?

10 books total, 5 dragons hoard and 5 dragons hoard: nom noms, both sets are adult in nature, so if you have parents or family that might look at your post, probably not the best idea

Hi there!

I put a message in the transport section, but as transport has been sorted now friends can officially go to confuzzled, my only problem is having a large amount of things for 2 dealers den tables that just won't fit into a car already shared between 4 people.

Would anyone be able to have some space for my things to be mailed to them in advance of the con and bring the things with them?

it would probably be artshow things as well as some of the larger [but soft] things for my dealers table, so handmade plushies and things.

would appreciate if anyone could offer any assistance :)

Room & Transport Sharing / Anyone coming up to CF from ashford/kent?
« on: January 24, 2015, 01:46:06 »
Hi there! Looking for anyone who'd be interested in offering some transport or has space for one person that isn't going to be too much hassle getting to me :) I live practically on top of the town center of ashford.

PM me if you're in the area and driving up to CF!

[I don't have the early/late, so main stay attendees only :)]

I'll have a large case and a backpack with me most likely, and as a thankyou I can either pay towards petrol or let you take a pick of something from my dealers table before it's open to the public.

Events / possible MtG booster draft event?
« on: January 26, 2013, 14:01:22 »
just a casual tournament, you wouldn't need to bring a DCI card or anything like that :)

the event would be limited to 12 people.

the reason being that I would be bringing a booster box with me, sealed with 36 boosters.

for those unfamiliar, a booster draft works like this; you give me £10, you get given 3 booster packs. this is just so that I can 'get my money back' on the booster box, if enough people go and I get back the £85 that I'll be spending on the booster box, I'll donate the rest to CF's charity :)

we then open one pack of cards at a time, in a circle, and take one card from our booster pack. we then pass it to the next person, and the process continues!

at the end, you should have 40-45 cards, depending on how many tokens/lands/rule cards were in the packs. then we make decks, it can be all the cards, it can just be a few of them, its up to you! your deck should be no smaller than 45 cards including lands though.

you must supply your own lands, I'll have a very limited amount with me! special lands are not allowed unless pulled from boosters. only basic lands.

comment here if you'd be interested in this event! it would be 'first come first serve' on the day, once all 12 places are taken, there wont be any boosters left to give out, sadly :( and I'm opposed to 'bringing your own' in case any 'resealing' happens, which has happened at tournaments in the past.

Dealers Den & Art Auction / dealers den table sizes?
« on: November 30, 2012, 00:54:13 »
just wondering how big the dealers den tables are? :)

I'm going to need to plan my set up for it soon, as a lot of items on my table need to be done/set up months in advance

Room & Transport Sharing / kent/south east furs driving to CF?
« on: September 16, 2012, 13:57:31 »
I'm pondering going to CF this year, but I'm rather useless on public transport :( I'm prone to panic attacks.

I was wondering if anyone from the south-east is driving up and has car space for an artist? :)

I'm happy to pay petrol money, or do artwork in exchange.

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