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Dealers Den & Art Auction / Auction: Handling of Artwork
« on: August 14, 2011, 21:36:08 »
Hello all. Just wanted to commend you guys in the auction team for a great con this year. This con gets better every year.
However, one thing that irked me was that the work I had put into the artshow and auction (and by the looks of it, everyone else's pieces) had been removed from their protective covers/archival bags. I had to pester for the chance to collect these that had been put into a bin-bag.
I can understand why these may have been removed. Sometimes they can make it hard to see the artwork within. However, it protects art from greasy fingers, pens and sneezes. And general wear and tear.
These bags are also not cheap, and ones of specific size (like the ones I had to collect this year) are hard to come by, and fit specific mount-boards.

tl:dr the benefits of artwork in archival bags outweighs the negatives. Please don't remove them next time :(

Introduce Yourself / Well Hi there!
« on: March 03, 2009, 11:53:27 »
Hello everyone! My name's Holly and I just confirmed my place this weekend! Hooray!
Just a little about me; I'm coming all the way from Huddersfield to stay for the whole weekend in the hostel. I'm an artist and you can see my work here: or

I think that's it. I haven't got much else to say at this time!
Oh, and I'm also going to be at AC09 too!

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